Lynn Babineau


West Boylston, MA


Like most artists my inspiration comes from others and from a very early age I possessed a need to create. Although mainly self-taught, there have been people and challenges throughout my life that have not only inspired, but given me the tools and education necessary to master the challenges of watercolors. Like my watercolor collages, I have many layers.

I grew up in northwest Indiana where I studied with artist Neil Kienitz. It was his instruction and introduction to watercolors that gave me the focus and encouragement to continue my passion. I have always enjoyed the challenge of watercolors more than other mediums, but just as I was beginning to master this technique, I became a mother, and my priorities shifted.

You never know where life will take you, and the journey is usually far from our control. My life became a whirlwind, and I eventually drifted to the east coast, where in an effort to raise my family, I abandoned my passion. It did, however, linger, and my children grew older, and through the years I found myself desperate to create again. I decided to take a few courses at the local art museum and a workshop with Gerald Brommer who taught me the technique of watercolor collage. His instruction was exactly what I needed to ignite the spark again. Since then I have created not only watercolor collages, but have expanded my repertoire with miniature watercolor portraits on small pieces of ivory; an historic technique that has always fascinated me.

My ultimate goal is to infuse emotion into my work; to be able to convey in my work the gentle spirit of a person, a pet, their unique character, or the feeling a place leaves with you. I hope you find my work to be as meaningful as it has been to me; the driving force behind my entire life.

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Institute Park Worcester MA by Lynn Babineau


Cosica Italy by Lynn Babineau


San Francisco by Lynn Babineau


Odin by Lynn Babineau


Jon Short-Have Blues will Travel by Lynn Babineau


Mariah by Lynn Babineau


Broken Birch by Lynn Babineau


Birch Trees By the Brook by Lynn Babineau


Boys n Boats by Lynn Babineau


The Golden Years by Lynn Babineau


White Poodle by Lynn Babineau


Ali Cat Abstract by Lynn Babineau


The Alamo by Lynn Babineau


Flower Study by Lynn Babineau


Crossing Over by Lynn Babineau


Sudbury Gristmill by Lynn Babineau


Venice Via Providence by Lynn Babineau


Radar by Lynn Babineau


Ali Cat 1 by Lynn Babineau


Breezy by Lynn Babineau


Abby by Lynn Babineau


Little Lynn by Lynn Babineau


Indian Summer Columbus Day by Lynn Babineau


IN the dunes by Lynn Babineau


Yellow Tree at Institute Park by Lynn Babineau


Magnolias 1 of 3 by Lynn Babineau


Magnolias 2 of 3 by Lynn Babineau


Magnolia 3 of 3 by Lynn Babineau


Magnolia by Lynn Babineau


Boulders at Purgatory Chasm by Lynn Babineau